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  • Psychotherapy: Individual, Family, and Group

  • Behavioral, Emotional, and Social Assessments

  • Case Consulting and Second Opinions

  • Contracts with Schools and other Organizations

  • Integrative Psychological Evaluations

    • These evaluations comprise reviewing large amounts of data from diverse professional, medical, legal, and educational sources.  My goal is to integrate the information into a workable document that provides direction to the parents, treatment providers, legal systems, and/or educational team.  Typically, these types of evaluations are best used for complex cases in which physiological, neurological, behavioral, emotional and/or environmental components all play a part in a child's adjustment to school, placement, or other life circumstances.


Note: Parenting consultations ARE covered by most insurances and can be billed under the child's plan!



I accept most major insurances including:

Green Mountain Care

Please inquire about your plan!

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